Fragrance and You: A Love Story


Fragrance and You: A Love Story

Fragrance is powerful, and a stunning signature scent has the power to awaken your senses. To inspire desire in yourself... and everyone around you!

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Our founder, Dana, has created products with unique scents to help you activate sensual memories and make new ones.

Scent has the ability to conjure up moments of time and bring memories swimming to the surface.

Scent has the ability to conjure up moments of time and bring memories swimming to the surface.Like the smell of the flowers in the park the day you first met your true love. The aroma of the spices at the market you strolled with a lover you met while traveling in Morocco. The scent of the air after you got caught in a rainstorm at dawn in New York City.

Scents can bring back the feelings you had in those moments. The rush of love. The excitement of adventure. The sensual nostalgia of a perfect moment from your past.

Here at Booty Parlor...

We encourage you to use fragrance to activate those sensual memories, feelings and energies within you, and to create new ones.

Our founder, Dana, has created products with unique scents to help you do just that, like our Firming Cream with Pheromones. She created the peach mango fragrance blend for it to remind her of the fresh, luscious scents that surrounded her on a sexy trip she took to Fiji with Charlie (her husband and BP’s co-founder!). She wanted women to relish in the experience of a scent so soft, ripe, and juicy that they’d be flooded with sensuality, feminine confidence and a sense of fun, tropical freedom as they smoothed the fragrant lotion into every beautiful curve on their body. (Can’t you just smell the scrumptious Fijian mangoes falling off the lush trees, a stone's throw from the salty ocean?)

And of course, perfumes are one of our favorite ways to add fragrance into our daily feminine rituals. Our Perfume Oil with Pheromones, a sensual, fruity & earthy blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, white musk, cedar and sandalwood, has become a cult classic with our Booty Parlor Babe community.

We receive personal stories from women who met their husbands while wearing it… women who swear it’s the scent that helped them to land their dream job… and, we kid you not, a woman once told us she wore it to the hospital to give birth, as it was the scent she associated with her feminine confidence and personal power!

Ou la la - Perfume Edition

Knowing all we know about the unique power of perfume, we were inspired to take the next step in Booty Parlor’s fragrance journey and create our first ever Eau de Parfum, Unforgettable Amour.

In true Booty Parlor fashion, we decided to go big or go home! We traveled to Paris to work with the best perfumers. We imagined a fragrance so alluring, elegant, dreamy and romantic that it would be worthy to be worn by the world’s most sensual and captivating women: Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Princess Diana and… YOU.

Unforgettable Amour is the start of a love story you will never forget. A true love of your most authentic self. And a romantic love that wows you. Sweeps you away. Captivates you, holds you, excites you, thrills you.

It’s the fragrance you’ve been looking for to unlock the most beautifully sensual part of yourself.


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Luxurious Eau de Parfum with Pheromones

What Fragrance Dreams Are Made Of

It’s made with top notes of sweet rose and juicy peach, has a warm heart of creamy tuberose and earthy musk, and sensual base notes of spicy patchouli and powdery amber.

The fragrance alone is swoon-worthy, and our signature desire-inducing pheromones bring it to another level by raising your charm, confidence and magnetism to attract the positive attention you deserve.

Every woman deserves to fall madly in love. To find that unforgettable love story that takes her breath away, year after year. This is the feeling behind Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum.

Whether you’re looking for true romance with someone new, or to fall in love with yourself, this new scent will inspire the love story you’ve always dreamt of.

Made in Paris. Inspired by LOVE.
Unforgettable Amour.

We know this new signature fragrance will inspire desire, love and romance.
Memories will be made, kisses will be stolen, fantasies fulfilled.
Welcome to the start of a love story that will never be forgotten!

Scent and fragrance can do so much for us. It can inspire desire and change your confidence game.

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