Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones
Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor
Infused with Pheromones
Infused with Pheromones
Gluten free
Gluten free
“I love the scent. It's like nothing I own. It makes me feel feminine, sophisticated, sexy, and sultry. Like I stand out. It makes me want to go out for a fabulous evening of flirting.” - Kari L.

Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones

Luxurious Eau de Parfum with Pheromones

Smell gorgeous. Feel irresistible. Stand out and steal all the stares with this sophisticated, romantic fragrance. Made in Paris.

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Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones - Booty Parlor

Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones


Infused with Pheromones
Infused with Pheromones
Gluten free
Gluten free
Made in France
Made in France
100% No-risk money back guarantee

Experience a new generation of perfume, a seductive mix of precious ingredients blended with pheromones to enhance your powers of seduction, boost your self-confidence, inspire flirtation and loving attention.

Rose and Peach sensually entice the first attraction. Then Tuberose and Musk melt in the heart and seal the love with Patchouli and Amber. 

This is your new, exclusive love potion. Made in Paris.

Why You'll Love Me
  • Wrap yourself in romance with an Eau de Parfum made in Paris, the city that invented kissing, perfume and love
  • The alluring fragrance is a seductive blend of sweet rose, fruity peach, creamy tuberose, earthy musk, spicy patchouli and warm amber
  • Our luxurious Eau de Parfum is enhanced with Pheromones for a double shot of confidence and sex appeal
  • Pheromones are your seductive superpower. They trigger your desirability, attraction and confidence 
  • The gorgeous pink-and-gold outer case slides open, revealing an elegant glass bottle, adorned by a charming white bow with gold accent
  • Layers perfectly with other Booty Parlor products
  • Long-lasting, Vegan, Cruelty-Free formula
  • Designed, formulated and made in Paris, France
How To Use Me
  • Spray as desired onto your pulse points on the neck, wrists and between your breasts.
  • Allow the perfume to set and envelop your body.
  • Do not rub your wrists together after application as the heat generated can alter the scent.
  • Store in a cool place.
What's Inside Me

3.3 Fl. Oz / 100 ML
Fragrance Blend: The scent journey begins with sweet and fruity notes, moves into creamy and earthy heart notes and climaxes with a spicy and warm finish
Pheromone Blend: Created to entice, attract and arouse

Full Ingredient List:



Warning: for external use only.

your aura is captivating. you are unforgettable
Nothing Compares To You
You’re transformed into a goddess, a coquette, an ingenue, evoking the past, present and future all at once. Regal. Seductive. Gorgeous. Glowing. Irresistible. Everyone wants to be in your orbit because your inner light is shining through so beautifully.
Seduction By Scent
Spurred by your magnetism, your lover gravitates towards you. The connection is everything you’ve dreamed of—and more. The feeling of falling in love completely. The butterflies, the urgent kisses, the sensual touch, the loss of time and space. You can't take your eyes off each other...because the moment is so unforgettable.
Your Unforgettable Love Story
Everyone deserves an unforgettable love story. Perhaps you’re living it now, connected with your soulmate. Or you know that the one you’ve been dreaming about is looking for you, too. A spritz of Unforgettable Amour is all it takes to ignite this passion. It’s a secret, sensual weapon that will boost your confidence and desirability.
Turn Heads & Set Pulses Racing
“It smells INCREDIBLE! I love the subtle floral hints and the sexy, musky touches. My husband is constantly kissing my neck and complimenting my scent. It really is the perfect, powerful, feminine fragrance.”

Rose and Peach inspire the first layer of attraction, Tuberose and Musk melt the heart and Patchouli and Amber radiate fire.

Wrap Yourself In Romance
“I love the packaging; it's so elegant & beautiful. It smells so good. Seductive, beautiful and sexy! It's my new must have.”

The fragrance lasts for hours, you'll smell intoxicating from day until night. The packaging and bottle are showpieces for your boudoir.

You will have something very special, luxurious, inspiring, and pretty in your life. A treat. It will make you feel elevated and fancy.

Discover More

Fragrance Notes

Floral Beginning
The most romantic flower, the rose, is complemented by juicy peach notes. Together, they are sweet, intoxicating, bright and bursting with love.
The Earthy Heart
Two unique scent profiles come together for carnal pleasure: Tuberose evokes creamy textures and flavors like crème brûlée and coconut milk, while musk is the essence of Mother Nature, woodsy, animalistic and erotic.
Happy Ending
Spicy Patchouli is a well-known aphrodisiac, and is associated with love, abundance and passion. Paired with Amber, another warm and sweet scent, the two are a love bomb waiting to explode.
Booty Parlor’s Pheromones
Booty Parlor’s fragrance experts have harnessed the power of pheromones to elevate your natural magnetism and draw others closer to you.

Why our customers bought this

“I was in the grocery store and this cute guy literally walked past me and he’s like, ‘oh my god, you smell so amazing, you literally smell so good!’ He just kept saying ‘you smell so delicious, I'm literally dizzy.’ He actually said that! You HAVE TO GO AND GET this fragrance.”
“It feels like a fancy treat, an indulgence. It smells expensive and makes me feel elevated and luxurious.”
“I really like the packaging, it’s so pink and makes you feel special. I devoured the scent immediately. It starts off subtle and builds as you wear it. You'll smell delicious from day until night.”
“I felt a rush of excitement when I first smelled it. The fragrance makes me feel like a sensual boss bitch. I’m obsessed.”
Chanel F

Incorporate Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum with Pheromones into your daily seduction ritual


Evoke the feeling of falling in love with this 4-step Seductive Scent Ritual.

Take a long hot bath or shower and emerge relaxed, refreshed and ready to feel romantic.
Admire the bottle, take off the cap and inhale deeply as your olfactory nerves are washed over with the poetic scent.
Spray the fragrance on your pulse points, in between your breasts, or anywhere else you fancy.
Allow the scent to trigger memories of falling madly in love, or let it fuel your dreams of finding true love. Raise your confident, feminine vibration to feel love, be love, and know that you are worthy of experiencing the most unforgettable love story of your life.


What are pheromones?

Pheromones are powerful chemical messages that trigger a social response in members of the same species, one being sexual attraction.

Research backs this up: A study in the journal Physiology and Behavior found that women who had pheromones added to their perfume reported a more than 50 percent increase in sexual attention from men. They engaged in more kissing, heavy petting, sex and slept closer to their partner or date.

Do pheromones really affect human behavior? Do they WORK?

Yes! When pheromones are released, they stimulate attraction and sexual desire.

For example, the chemi-signal of ovulating women can cause testosterone levels to increase in men, a fact that was proven by a 2011 Florida State University study.

At Booty Parlor, we use female-based pheromones (among others) like osmophermine to mimic the “scent” of ovulation, which can get men excited.

We know it works because we have over a decade of results based on hundreds of positive reviews from women expressing the very real effects of attraction and flirtation they have experienced using our pheromones.

Our customers rave about the extra attention, smiles and positive compliments they receive! We encourage you to read our customer reviews on any of the pheromone-infused product pages and see for yourself.

Why do I need pheromones?

Wearing pheromones is like adding an extra shot of confidence. 

Whether you want to meet someone, wow your man or have a raging GNO, pheromones give you a natural advantage. 

You’ll attract all the attention and compliments, spark your inner seductress and feel more self-assured. 

Even better, our customers say their dates and partners can’t keep their hands off them, in a good way!

Do pheromones make you more attractive?

Absolutely! Since wearing pheromones can elevate moods, women also feel more attractive, happy and receptive. 

This, in turn, can lead to more date nights, smooching and sex. 

At Booty Parlor, we include pheromones in our perfumes and creams to inspire desire, confidence, flirting and attraction because when you feel like the most gorgeous, turned-on version of yourself, you glow differently—and that’s when the magic happens. Think of pheromones as your secret weapon!

Can you smell someone’s pheromones?

We perceive pheromones more than we smell them. 

Technically, pheromones are detected by the sensory vomeronasal organ (VNO), which lies between the nose and mouth. Because pheromones are often odorless, and not something you can smell like a flower, when the VNO detects pheromones, it sends a response signal to the limbic region of the brain, which controls emotions and sexual desires. 

At Booty Parlor, we add beautiful scent stories to our pheromone products to enhance a woman’s sensuality and femininity. 

Aren’t pheromones unique to the individual? How does adding pheromones do anything?

Yes, human pheromones are individual…to an extent. 

However, there are common pheromones that have standard effects, such as heightening attraction from the opposite sex. These are the pheromones we work with.

What specific pheromones does Booty Parlor use in their products and fragrances?

At Booty Parlor, we use several different types of pheromones, including androstadienone, copuline and osmopherine.

  • Androstenone is known to heighten attraction and improve one’s mood. Androstenone can be found in most of our pheromone-powered products such as Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil, Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum and Unforgettable Amour La Nuit Eau de Parfum. 
  • Osmophermine is a female-based pheromone that is produced when women are ovulating. Since ovulation is the time when women are most fertile, men seem to be biologically programmed to pick up on that.  

A study by biologists Karl Grammer and Astrid Juette from the University of Vienna found that men rated women wearing osmophermine to be more attractive than those without. The study further confirmed that men who were exposed to osmopherine received a spike in testosterone of 150 percent. That’s 2 1/2 times the normal level! You’ll find osmophermine in our Flirty Little Secret Bronzer and Firming Cream.

Where are your pheromones sourced from? Are they derived from or tested on animals?

While human pheromones are produced through secretions like sweat, saliva and urine, the pheromones we use are synthesized in a laboratory without the use of human- or animal-derived products and are vegan and cruelty free, meaning they are not tested on animals. 

In lab studies, the pheromones we use created a friendly, approachable impression in women and it also inspired flirtation, chattiness and self-confidence. 

It’s also been shown that when women are wearing these pheromones, they tend to be more willing to initiate social contact and be more receptive when approached by men.

Do pheromones interfere with your own natural scent?

No. In fact, most people can’t smell pheromones–which is why we add scent. The perfume and the pheromones complement each other. 

The pheromones are odorless and stimulate a chemical reaction, while the fragrance enhances the mood and smells delicious. Together, it gives women a powerful edge.

How often should I reapply for pheromones to stay active and working throughout the day?

We suggest applying our pheromone products at least once a day, ideally before heading to social situations where you want to meet someone or just feel extra hot. 

Reapply after taking a shower, swimming or engaging in rigorous exercise. 

How do pheromones affect the person wearing them?

Pheromones make women feel sexy and appealing, especially when complemented by seductive scents. 

But don’t only take our word, we’ll let our customers do the talking here: “To me, it's like wearing sexy lingerie underneath your clothes. It just gives you that extra boost of confidence,” says Alejandra.

Kay, another pheromone fan, says, “It will make you the center of attention anywhere you go! It makes me feel beautiful and sexy at the same time. Like a bad-ass woman!” 

What scents and smells turn a man on?

While men are subconsciously attracted to a woman’s pheromones, research has shown that there are certain scents that can enhance desire, heighten the senses and boost vitality in men. 

We strategically select many of these notes in our fragrances to add maximum sex appeal. The most popular scents men crave include vanilla (which is a base note in Unforgettable Amour La Nuit), jasmine (included in both Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil and Unforgettable Amour La Nuit), orange blossom (which is a top note in Unforgettable Amour La Nuit), sandalwood (which is a base note in Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil) and rose (which is a top note in Unforgettable Amour Eau de Parfum).

Together, pheromones plus scent are a powerful combination that spark chemical reactions, create lasting impressions and supercharge your appeal. It’s like a magical love potion, in fragrance form.

Do the pheromones work on women who are attracted to women?

Yes. Women who engage in same sex relationships are attracted to estrogen-based pheromones.