Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold
Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold
Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold
Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold
Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold
“Sooo silky, soft and smooth. Plus, it gets me in the mood.” Gianna, AZ

Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold

Sensual Silk Blindfold

Explore your imagination. Pick your passion. Heighten the intensity of all your other senses!

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This silky pink and black reversible blindfold will amplify your awareness of everything around you - smells, tastes, touches, oh my! Go to places you’ve always wanted to explore. 

Soft on your skin, the 100% silk fabric can be used for sleep after you play.

Why You'll Love Me
  • Crafted from 100% sensual silk and lace.
  • Reversible depending on your whim, good or bad!
  • Use it for both sexy play and sleep. 
  • Perfect for the stylish exploration of fantasies.
  • Packaged in a beautiful lingerie-inspired, drawer-style box, which is ideal for presenting as a sweet & sexy gift.
How To Use Me

Cover your eyes with this reversible blindfold and showcase your good side…and your bad.

Bring in props, like feathers or ice cubes, to explore the feeling of heightened touch on the skin as eyes are temporarily covered.

Removing the sense of sight will magnify the intensity of all your other senses. Your anticipation for your partner’s touch. The sexy smell of their body. The taste of their kiss. The sound of your moans! Enjoy. You can thank us later.

What's Inside Me

1 Silk and Lace, Reversible Blindfold.

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