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Hey, Glamour Puss!

Thank you for choosing Glamour Puss. This product is not just about having the most supple, healthy, luscious, and irresistibly glamourous vulva.

It's about connecting, honoring and falling in love with your most intimate self, leaving you feeling utterly confident, sensual, liberated and sexy!

We created this page to help you deepen your connection with your vulva and tap into your unique feminine magic.

Start by watching the video below from our Founder, Dana B. Myers. Then, continue exploring the Glamour Puss rituals that she designed for you...

the rituals

The Glamour Puss Ritual
Mirror Mantra
Pussy Gazing
Pussy Journaling
Self-Pleasure Ritual

One of the best ways to strengthen your connection to your vulva - and your radiant, glowing, feminine energy - is through practicing a daily ritual.

The rituals we're sharing here are designed to hydrate and nourish your vulva, invoke self-love, amplify your feminine energy, call in your desires, and generate a glamourous, confident radiance about you.

For those new to pussy rituals, know this: combining one of these simple self-love practices with the magical, magnetic power of your pussy will enhance your intimate and emotional self-connection.

These rituals will help you discover, love, and celebrate your pussy, and your power, in a new way.

They will strengthen the connection between your brain, heart, soul... and sexuality. Try one, or try them all!

1. The Glamour Puss Ritual

This daily ritual will inspire you to connect with your vulva and build mind-body connection to your femininity, sensuality, and magnetism.

Prepare to deepen your self-love and call in your desires!

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the ritual

  • I honor my pussy, I honor my power
  • My magnetism* grows, hour by hour.
  • Soft and supple,
  • Glamorous and divine
  • Anything I desire,Will surely be mine.
  • With self-love and passion,
  • My heart opens wide
  • The world is my oyster,
  • My Pussy provides.
*Feel free to substitute whatever it is that you desire to grow in the 2nd line.
For example: My intuition grows... My pleasure grows... My abundance grows... My relationship grows... My sexual energy grows... You get the idea!

2. Mirror Mantra

This ritual involves reciting mantras or affirmations to yourself, and your vulva, in the mirror as you glide the product onto your pussy.

This might sound like:

  • “You are so beautiful, just as you are.”
  • “You are so resilient.”
  • “You are so damn sexy.”
  • “You’re so touchable.”
  • “I love how you love to receive pleasure.”
  • “You inspire me.”
  • “Hey babe. Thank you. I love you.”
  • “You are uniquely magical.”

As you’re reciting these mantras, tune in to how you’re feeling... Silly? Awkward? Amazing? Inspired?

Whatever feelings arise, just witness them and keep going.

Practice this every day and notice the differences you feel.

Mirror Mantra

3. Pussy Gazing

This ritual helps you practice listening to what your pussy has to say. She has an opinion and she wants to be heard!

Your pussy is the seat of your intuition, and this practice will help you tune in and listen to what she feels, desires and has real opinions on.

4. Pussy Journaling

Your pussy is the source of a woman's inner-knowing. If you ask, she will answer!

This practice will help you get in touch with your deepest source of feminine intuition.

The Pussy Journaling Ritual

Grab your journal and a pen, get comfy and take 5 deep breaths as you lovingly apply Glamour Puss to your vulva.
Then, ask her one or more of the following questions, and free-write your answers on the page:

  • “What do you need from me today?”
  • “What turns you on?”
  • “What brings you pleasure?”
  • “Where do you still need to heal?”
  • “What messages did we learn growing up that we are ready to release?”
  • “How can I better listen to, and act upon, your needs?”
  • “How did our mother speak to us about self-touch when we were young?”
  • “What messages would we have wanted to hear from her instead?”
  • “What do I need from a partner to feel both safe and turned on?"
Of course, you can also just ask her what she craves for dinner… But no matter what you ask her, drop in and listen for that inner truth so that you can write it all down.
The more you practice this in the privacy of your own home, the easier it will be to ask for her intuitive guidance on the spot when you’re out and about in the world, making big and small decisions every single day!
Pussy Journaling

5. Self-Pleasure Ritual

The focus of this Glamour Puss Ritual is simply to prioritize your PLEASURE.

Use Glamour Puss to connect with your pleasure, and give your skin a natural O-glow!

Let's get busy....

Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love

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