The Sexiest Massage Trio
The Sexiest Massage Trio
The Sexiest Massage Trio
“A heavenly experience that really helped me and my partner connect.” Janelle, GA

The Sexiest Massage Trio

Three Part Sensual Massage

4 reviews

Feel blessed and loved with an unforgettable massage experience designed for your mutual pleasure.

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A thrilling massage experience featuring three foreplay favorites that’ll engage your senses, build your anticipation, and take your pleasure to the next level.

Why You'll Love Me

This trio includes 3 best sellers: 

  • Don’t Stop Massage Candle in Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla, 
  • Don’t Stop Massage Oil
  • Good Girl/Bad Girl Silk Blindfold

This trio helps create a sexy, intimate and pleasurable sensual experience for couples. The Massage Candle and Massage Oil are both non-staining, super smooth and never sticky.

Both feature luxurious, unisex fragrances that you and your partner with love. 

The Don’t Stop Massage Oil can be used as a sensual bath oil - for multiple kinds of foreplay! The natural Massage Candle Oil can double up as a post-bath moisturizer.

The Good Girl, Bad Girl Blindfold is 100% silk and doubles as a sleeping mask for when your playtime is done. 

How To Use Me

Step 1: Light the Don’t Stop Massage Candle, and bask in its glow as it sets the scene for seduction. 

The nourishing soy wax will start melting into a wonderfully warm massage oil. 

Let it burn for approximately 15-20 minutes to get an ample pooling of oil for your playtime. 


Step 2: Place the Good Girl/ Bad Girl Blindfold over your eyes. 

The moment you take away your sense of sight, all your other senses will heighten, making every touch and kiss feel even more thrilling. 


Step 3: Ask your lover to give you a sensual massage using the silky Don’t Stop Massage Oil. 

When you’re fully satisfied, switch roles and return the favor, paying attention to all your partner’s erogenous zones. 


Step 4: Ready for more?  

Blow out the flame and take turns pouring the warm massage oil from the Massage Candle’s pour spout onto each other’s bodies… rubbing the heated oil into the skin with a firm, sensual pressure. 
Experiment with keeping  your blindfold on. Not knowing where the warm oil will be drizzled onto your body next will feel incredibly exciting, heightening your desire and pleasure. 

A Note: If you need more warmed oil, simply light the wick again and let it burn for another 15 minutes.  

What's Inside Me

Don’t Stop Massage Candle in Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla, 7.05oz/200g

This emollient massage candle is made of a rich blend of Shea Butter, Vitamins A & E, Jojoba, Olive and Coconut Oils and clean-burning natural Soy wax.

Because of its unique formulation, the Don’t Stop Massage Candle melts at just over body temperature, which makes it comfortably warm on the skin. 

The all-natural oils feel deliciously rich and comforting when massaged into the body.  

Housed in a custom, ergonomic porcelain designed vessel. It features a uniquely tapered pour spout, which can be used to pour the warm oil directly onto the body or into the hands. 

Great for couples, but if you’re single, you can use this product to get the softest, most seductive skin ever!  Just use after the bath as a soothing and nourishing moisturizing treatment. 

Warm, rich and woodsy notes of Sandalwood are blended with subtly sweet, earthy Vanilla to fill your boudoir with an intoxicating aroma.



Don’t Stop Massage Oil, 2.5fl oz/74ml

This oil is silky, light, sensual and totally satisfying! 

With a luxurious texture and a seductive fragrance featuring notes of plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar, this delicate, non-staining formula can also  double as a sensually scented bath oil. 

Never sticky, never overpowering, and totally non-staining, this is a very sexy massage oil that will leave you whispering “Don’t Stop.”




Good Girl/Bad Girl Blindfold

Whether you’re feeling good or bad, you’ll explore sexy role play tonight with an elegant, silk, pink and black blindfold that celebrates both your moods. 

The blindfold is fabricated from 100% sensual silk and lace, so you can use it for both sleep and play. 

By removing the sense of sight, you’ll magnify the intensity of all your other senses: your anticipation for your partner’s touch, the sexy smell of their body,  the taste of their kiss, the sound of your moans! 

Reversible and luxurious, this blindfold is perfect for the stylish exploration of your fantasies. 

Plus, it’s housed in a beautiful lingerie-inspired drawer-style box, which is perfect for presenting as a sweet & sexy gift. 



Bundle Contains: 
1- Don’t Stop Massage Candle in Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla, 7.05oz/200g
1- Don’t Stop Massage Oil, 2.5fl oz/74m
1- Good Girl/Bad Girl Blindfold

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Get ready for a HOT night

This massage candle is such a fun, multitasking item. Light it and enjoy the lovely scent while you show off some lingerie, then enjoy a massage with the oil/wax when the lingerie comes off! It feels very nice on your skin, and not too sticky or greasy.


Love this candle

I actually had this product for a while before I used it. I hosted a booty parlor party and this was one of the items I picked. I LOVE THIS Candle. The smell is soft and subtle. The wax never gets too hot and it lasted for a long time. Would definitely purchase it again.


Great for him and her!

I received the Sandalwood Vanilla massage candle as a bachelorette party gift and absolutely love it! The scent is sweet yet woodsy enough for both him and her.” The candle melts down to a perfect temperature and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Highly recommend!”” received the Sandalwood Vanilla massage candle as a bachelorette party gift and absolutely love it! The scent is sweet


Awesome product

The consistency and aroma of this candle is perfect!