Sydney and Jake


Every month, we invite one Booty Parlor fan to tell our Founder Dana B. Myers all about their journey to self-love and sensuality.

Meet Sydney & Jake

"I want every woman to feel like the main character every single day. This is YOUR life that you're living."

Name: Syd and Jake Miller

Age: 24

Location: Flint, Michigan

Relationship: Married and totally blissed out

Sydney began this magical interview by exclaiming, “You know, Jake has been crushing on me for most of our lives!”

And so it goes… The couple were close friends in college until their love story eventually blossomed and evolved into a beautiful marriage.  

Passionate about modeling and photography, Sydney recently left her full-time job to pursue a more creative lifestyle in these two outlets, while Jake loves his work in the mortgage industry.

Together, Syd and Jake love spending time exploring the outdoors… but they love indoor activities as well - like doing sexy photoshoots like this one for their Self Love Spotlight!

Sydney has worked hard to develop her authentic experience of self-love, and Jake has been beside her, cheering her on, all the way.

These two share a truly intimate bond… and their levels of love, trust, and sensual connection are evident. We’re pretty sure their Booty Parlor must-haves helped them to feel so playful in the shots!

Watch Sydney & Jake's Interview

Q. What does self-love mean to you?

Syd: “It’s something that you have to practice. It might sound super cliché or cheesy, but sitting in front of the mirror and actually verbally saying out loud to yourself, you are worthy. You are smart. You are important. You are important before you are beautiful! Because yes, I am beautiful and my looks are important to me, but I’m more than that.”

Q. What role does your sex life play in your overall connection?

Syd: “I think it has a big role! We are very lovey people in general. Both of our love languages are ‘acts of service’ and ‘physical touch.’ So, we like doing things for each other, running a bath or him buying me flowers, all the way up into, physically taking care of me and my needs! For us, sex isn’t just in the bedroom… but it definitely plays a big part.

Jake: “We’re pretty active… and I respect her. I feel her moods. It’s a pretty big part of our relationship.”

Q. What’s your sexual communication like?

Syd: “We talk everything out, it’s very natural… It's the best feeling in the world, having this type of trust with somebody and this type of connection where you are easily able to communicate and relax and just be yourself.”

Jake: “Sometimes I will bottle things up inside, but that eventually leads to talking, getting it all out on the table. After that, it’s so much better.”

Q. What sexual energies do you want to explore?

Syd: “I’m into fantasy realm, vampire-esque type of stuff. Not full-on horror… just very sensual, lustrous, ‘I need you right now’ vibes. The whole dark, sexy, Dracula’s-wives-type-energy is a turn on.”

Jake: “I definitely like to be dominant. I like the contrast of her being submissive. I would like to experiment more with that.”

Q. What advice would you give to other couples?

Jake: “You need to talk to your partner.”

Syd: “You have to be so comfortable with yourself… Once you have that inner peace of I know who I am, I’m comfortable with me, I'm going to open up to this person… as long as you have that mindset going, you’ll be pretty well off.”

Tell us about your photoshoot!

Syd: “Photoshoots are a fun thing for us, something we bond over… we could go to a photoshoot and be all sexy and sensual, and then go home and just carry all that same energy into our bedroom! It’s awesome for us, we love it.”

Sydney & Jake's Faves

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Tell us about your favorite Booty Parlor products and how you use them.

Syd: “Definitely the candle. I love it. I like the heat. I like the little bit of burn when it drips on your skin. The way that the candle itself is formed with the little pour spout situation is genius! It also is not sticky on my skin, or greasy or anything like that. It's a nice massage oil and it smells amazing… It leads to a great time.”

Jake: “I thought the Don’t Stop candle was great! I definitely did not want her to stop.”

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Jake: “I love the Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil. We're already drawn to like each other's natural smell, you know, but the perfume oil really brings it out. I'm not a guy who likes fruity perfumes… and I prefer this perfume any day over any mainstream perfumes.”

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