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Every month, we invite one Booty Parlor fan to tell our Founder Dana B. Myers all about their journey to self-love and sensuality.

Meet Ryann

“You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself.”

Name: Ryann Werner

Age: 28

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Relationship: Vibing in love

Inspiring, alluring and self-aware are words that barely scratch the surface of Ryann, our beautiful Self-Love Spotlight.

Ryann is a talented comedic writer, who is carving her own way in the entertainment industry, while focusing on loving herself and expressing her sensuality.

Being able to embrace herself - and her pleasure - is an ongoing journey for Ryann. Battling an eating disorder has brought her face to face with some pretty negative thoughts about herself.

However, her strength and determination helped her to overcome and powerfully reach a place of self-love, acceptance and happiness.

In this Self Love Spotlight Ryann gets real with us about her challenges and triumphs, her fave Booty Parlor Products and her amazing, encouraging journey through her experience of womanhood. We know you’re gonna love her.

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Q. What Does Self-Love Mean To You and How Do You Practice it?

I think about self-love a lot, and that it really is the answer to everything.

It’s taking care of yourself…. Talking to your inner child and saying, What do you need right now? Do you need rest? A hug? Do you need to primp yourself in some way?

It's constant conversation with myself and my needs, and then giving those things to myself...It’s being that nurturing, kind person for myself and not waiting for someone else to do it.

Q. How Do You Inspire Your Sensuality?

I'm certainly still on that journey… I think I was brought up, not from my family but from society, with this idea that sexual interactions had way more to do with a man’s pleasure than my own.

My path has been about finding myself, learning how to give myself that pleasure, learning what gets me going… and now that journey has morphed into what that looks like with someone else.

For me it has a lot to do with safety. Once the safety is there, I can get out of my head… and there are moments where I want my arms held above my head, or to be bent over a bed! And there’s no judgment… now that I feel safe, it’s all something I want to explore with my partner - we’re on this journey together.

Ryann's Faves

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Tell us about your favorite Booty Parlor products and how you use them.

The Kissaholic Lip Gloss - I literally always have this with me.

My favorite shade is Throb - I love the name - it's the perfect red tint, this supple sensual lip. I love, love throwing it on over a more nude lip… and the plumping aspect is so cool!

I truly get so many compliments, and when I kiss my boyfriend, he comments on how good my lips taste. I’m like, your lips taste good, too!

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The Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil is the best smelling thing I’ve ever smelled.

It’s a roll on, but I’m like, I want to bathe my body in it.

I constantly find myself rolling it on.

I also really love the Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer. 

I’ve never used a lot of bronzers, but I really liked how it gives my legs a nice little sparkle, it makes them look thin and nice.

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