6 Journal Prompts to Improve Your Life


6 Journal Prompts to Improve Your Life

Inspire Self-Love in a New Way This New Year

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Hey Beauties,

Popping in to wish you a happy, healthy, successful and fabulous New Year!

Looking back on 2021, there were many highlights… but I think it’s fair to say that it was also a hard year for all of us. Not exactly the light, fun, fabulously sexy year of our dreams, right? ;)

That said, I’m so excited for what this new year has in store for each one of us.

And to help you set the right vibe for 2022, I’m sharing one of my favorite journaling practices with you.

Self-love is the key to a happy life

It’s a practice that’ll help you get clear on how far you’ve come, and help you spot the areas in your life that you want to work on this year.

So, grab a glass of wine (or a hot cup of tea) and sit down with your journal. Spend some time exploring your relationship to yourself and your desires. Challenge yourself to look at where you feel stuck, where you need more self-love… and most importantly? With where you still need to give yourself more permission to become more fully you – in your body, your sex life, your relationships, and more.

Make your way through the journal prompts one by one, or simply pick the one that feels best for you, right now. Say each mantra out loud, standing in the mirror if you feel so bold! Answer and talk through the questions with a friend, as we all know that doing anything with a bestie makes it easier!

However you do it, try to enjoy the process. This is you, investing in you. In your self-love. In your confidence. In your sensuality and uniqueness. Because you deserve it.

Now, let’s go. Let’s explore ourselves and set our intentions for the new year, Booty Parlor-style.


1. Reflect upon your relationship to your sensual self-confidence

“The seductive, in-control woman I am today has always been inside,
waiting to come out and play.”

How has your relationship with your sensuality changed over the last year? Are you experiencing more self-love and less self-criticism? Do you feel more empowered to put yourself and your desires out there? Has how you feel about yourself improved?

2. Jot down some positive body banter

“Self-consciousness will no longer drag me down. I have the tools to push past it and never look back.”

What parts of your body have you become kinder to? Have you fallen in love with a part of yourself that you used to overlook? Or simply become more neutral and accepting of? Are there still parts of yourself that you’re beating up? What’s holding you back from fully embracing ALL of yourself with sexy self-love? Step in front of a mirror, touch a part of yourself that you are still down on, and switch your feelings - kick your inner critic to the curb!

3. Challenge yourself to communicate

“Opening up about what I desire makes me more satisfied in all aspects of my life.”

How would you describe the changes that have occurred in your ability to communicate about yourself and your desires? Are there desires you still feel uncomfortable expressing? Why? What would it take for you to become more comfortable expressing your desires to your partner, your lover, yourself?

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4. Give yourself permission to fully enjoy your sexuality

“Permission is self-worth. I will never forget it.”

What obstacles this year kept you from giving yourself permission to bring your fullest expression of your femininity and sexuality to the forefront of your life? When and how did you experience a breakthrough? Knowing what you know now, what would you say to your former self to give her permission to explore her seductive side? And if you haven’t yet given yourself permission, can you do so now?

5. Express yourself by claiming what you deserve

“I’m creating my own sensual revolution and I’ll come out the other side fulfilled and excited to embrace a sexier lifestyle.”

Did you focus on sensual forms of self-care last year? How so? What impact did it make on your life and the way you view yourself? How will you make sensual self-care a priority this year? Will you focus on some solo time, exploring your body? Dancing in the mirror? Repeating positive affirmations about how strong, sexy, and powerful you are?

6. Acknowledge your lust for life!

“Nurturing desire makes all parts of my life more thrilling, it’s a gift to give to myself.”

How have you nurtured your life throughout the last year? Did you take time to be alone and to access your emotions? Did you talk to your friends and family? When you overcame obstacles, how did you feel? Proud? Happy? Did you caring for yourself help you get there? How will you make nurturing yourself a priority in 2022?

We hope that exploring these questions in your journal has given you inspiration… and reminded you of what a beautiful, strong, sensual goddess you truly are. This, in itself, has been an act of sensual self-care!

Let’s make 2022 the year where we fully embrace self-love and self-care as two halves of a whole. A year where we set our intentions to have only positive outcomes. Where we take the time to allow ourselves the care and attention we so need. As we head into the new year, remind yourself of what an amazing, powerful, and confident woman you are - and carry that with you every day moving forward!

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