4 Seductive Beauty Rituals to Transform Your Self-Care Practice


4 Seductive Beauty Rituals To Transform Your Self-Care Practice

Read on for four of my favorite sensual beauty and body rituals. I practice at least one of these every day, and they do wonders to keep me feeling lit up and turned on.

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What exactly is a seductive beauty ritual?

"this self-loving practice changes the way you feel in your body… and how others feel about you too. "

It’s an experience that transforms your daily self-care ritual into something far more special -- into an experience that becomes meaningful to your Mojo, your sexuality, femininity, confidence and creativity.

It’s when you choose to use your make-up and mirror time to unlock your inner vixen… when your morning application of body lotion paves the road to accepting and respecting your luscious thighs just as they are.

But seductive beauty + body rituals don’t need to take a ton of time.

They’re more about taking your ‘regular’ self-care routine and adding a thick layer of sensuality on top. (And, of course, it’s helpful to have a few sexy BP products on hand to level-up the sensual nature of the experience, too!)

1. Seductive Bath Ritual

Let everyone know you're busy and lock the door. Choose relaxing or sultry music to play. Light some candles. Run the hot water, and generously pour in capfuls of Booty Parlor's Naughty Bubbles. Then, slip into the tub, the water lapping over every curve. Close your eyes and feel the stress melt away as the sensual scents and soft, satiny bubbles envelop your whole body.

When ready, run your fingertips over your entire body… slowly, slowly, from head to toe. Think back to your sexiest encounters or ahead to a new one you’d like to have. If things start to feel a little sexier under all those suds? Carry on, my love. Carry on.

2. Hands-on-Body Mirror Ritual

To start, strip down and check yourself out in a full-length mirror. Dress in your favorite undies, or stay in nothing at all. Squeeze some Firming Cream with Pheromones into your palms and inhale the luscious peach-mango scent as you start to massage your body -- arms and shoulders first, then breasts and neck, then belly.

Start complimenting all your feminine curves as you caress them, acknowledging how they support you, give you pleasure, and how every part is sensual. Affirm those body parts for their strength, shape, and sheer beauty.

Head below the belt and caress your bum, thighs, legs and calves. Shimmy in the mirror and watch your hips swivel, or give yourself a rowdy little love-slap and admire your gorgeous jiggle. Whatever you do, use this moment to worship yourself.

Loving your body takes practice, but this kind of sensual hands-on touch ritual can really help. (Bonus, your whole body will be super moisturized, firmed and toned too after this!).

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Turn up your sex appeal and boost your body confidence with this fabulous pheromone-infused trio.

3. Seductive Lips Ritual

Stand in the mirror and gaze at your lips. Are they soft and smooth? Full? Balanced? Do the corners curl up slyly when you smile or when you’re thinking naughty thoughts? Your mouth is magic, and it’s time to appreciate it.

Grab your Kissaholic Lip gloss and swipe on a shiny layer. Strike a seductive pose, lift your chin, purse your lips, and set your sights on your gorgeous mouth. Open your lips a little bit, as if you’re ready to be kissed. Then, remember the hottest kiss you’ve ever had.

Switch it up and smile at yourself for a few seconds. Compliment your smile and how it lights up your face... and lights up a room. Apply one more coat of the gloss, wink at yourself, blow a kiss and get on your merry way.

4. Seductive Scent Ritual

Finally, turn your daily ‘run out the door’ perfume application into a super-sexy ritual with our Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil with pheromones.

Roll the cool rollerball over your wrists, in between your breasts, behind your knees, and at the back of your neck. Take a deep inhale and allow the fragrance to trigger a specific, sexy memory - about a person, place, or time. Let out a deep sigh as you reflect on the moment and let the pleasure linger in your body for at least 30 seconds.

To heighten the seductive benefits of this ritual, dab the perfume oil between your thighs before pulling on your pants or slipping into your dress. The scent will rise up while you’re on the go and give your brain something pleasant to think about!

Now that you’ve got a scent that incites lusty feelings, take a moment to remember you’ve got another sexy secret weapon in the mix -- pheromones! These work like invisible attraction agents that make you feel irresistible to others and help boost your confidence and sex appeal. So prepare to receive a lot of positive attention after this ritual...

Practice Every Day

Practice a sexy beauty or body ritual every day and see the difference it makes. You might consider journaling about the experience every few days to track your feelings and how this self-loving practice changes the way you feel in your body… and how others feel about you too.

We’d love to hear from you. What body part do you criticize the most? And how did it feel to turn that negative body banter into a sexy self-love affirmation? Drop a comment below and share your self-love.



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