3 Ways to Learn to Love Your Boobs, Belly, And Thighs

Sensual Self-Confidence

3 Ways To Learn To Love Your Boobs, Belly, And Thighs

When you stand in the mirror, what do you do? Do you start trash-talking your body? Or do you look at yourself with love, respect, and sensuality?

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Hopefully, it’s the second one. But you’re not alone if you slip into that negative body banter sometimes. Unfortunately, those harsh self-criticisms creep into every aspect of your being:

"As women, our bodies are always changing whether from stress, PMS, pregnancy, or menopause… the list goes on."

  • How you see yourself in the mirror
  • How you touch your body
  • How you let your partner celebrate your body
  • …and eventually, how your kids (if you have them!) will feel about their own bodies.

As women, our bodies are always changing whether from stress, PMS, pregnancy, or menopause… the list goes on. So, why do we give so much weight to our weight? Why do we give it so much power over how gorgeous, sexy, confident and capable we feel about ourselves?

Of course, it’s okay to want to lose a few pounds, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your body as it is right now and how it will be on every step of its journey.

And if you’re unsure how to start embracing that new self-love mindset, try this 3-step practice from our founder, Dana B, Myers, to learn how to celebrate your body starting today.

(Thigh cellulite, post-baby bellies, and imperfect breasts, beware: you’re about to experience some radical self-love!)

Step 1. Give Yourself Sexy Self-Love Affirmations

First, think of all your harshest critiques. Go ahead and stand in front of the mirror and get it all out. Then, write them down and make note of which area on your body takes the worst beating.

Now, take each of those insults and turn them into positive — and even sexy —affirmations.

For example, “my thighs and butt are gigantic,” becomes “I love my juicy buns and curvy thighs as they are—I’m gorgeous and strong.”

Once you’ve got your list of new affectionate phrases, stand in the mirror and repeat them to yourself. It may feel silly, but over time, this intimate act of sexy self-confidence will feel natural and even desired by your body.

And then, add in a splash of sensuality and strength and power to your affirmations with these statements:

I am so sexy, just as I am.

My curves are sensual and desirable.

My body is so strong, and I want to show it and share it with pride.

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2. Embody Those Words in the Mirror

This part is so important, especially if you actively poke and prod the parts you hate — or avoid looking at and touching them altogether.

Stand in the mirror and put your hands on your body, focusing on the areas that get the brunt of your negative self-talk. Try keeping deep eye contact with yourself to create a romance between your mind and your body.

Now, start saying your new positive affirmations again, with hands-on-body. And here’s a bonus phrase to add to your list: I’m excited to touch myself. This body deserves my touch and my partner’s touch, too.

As you’re getting ready in the morning is a perfect time to complete this exercise. Grab our Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream with Pheromones  and intentionally rub it in as you speak your words of love over those areas.

3. Share Your Practice with Another Beauty

Do you know another gorgeous girly that can benefit from this kind of self-love? This step is your chance to reinforce your own practice, while spreading a message of radical self-love.

Here’s some talking points to bring up with her:

♥ The specifics of your negative body banter. You’ll be amazed and relieved to discover how totally not alone you were in it.

♥ How you transformed it into sexy self-love affirmations.

♥ How you touched your body during the exercise, and how it felt (good, bad, inspiring, awkward, etc.).

♥ How great you felt afterward!

The biggest step you can take towards celebrating your body at every size is noticing your body shaming and channeling that energy into body praise instead. And the more you sprinkle on the self-love goodness each day and drown out that gnarly inner voice, the more you will notice a change in how you see and talk to yourself.

But let’s get real for a moment: decades of body hatred and negative self-talk is not necessarily going to vanish in an instant. But it’s a start! And, if you’re a mama, Dana’s book Mommy Mojo Makeover: 28 Tools To Reclaim Yourself & Reignite Your Relationship is going to continue coaching you through a journey to feeling sexy, confident, and satisfied.

And remember: even though you’re doing this for yourself, the effects won’t just change you. It will also create a body-positive example for your friends, and kids (or nieces & nephews!), and reignite a new, sexy flame with your partner. Because confidence really is the sexiest thing a woman can have.

What could be better?

We’d love to hear from you. What body part do you criticize the most? And how did it feel to turn that negative body banter into a sexy self-love affirmation? Drop a comment below and share your self-love.



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