The Booty Parlor Holiday Gift Guide

The Booty Parlor Holiday Gift Guide

You’re in just the right place for gorgeous gifts that’ll delight, inspire and enchant this season!

There’s something so satisfying about buying presents for your favorite people. And you’re in just the right place for gorgeous gifts that’ll delight, inspire and enchant this season!

From romantic gifts for your main squeeze to stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank, check out our extended gift guide here:

Gifts For Your Lover

Santa’s sexy favorites for the special one in your life who’s both naughty and nice. Turn up the romance with products you can enjoy together—in and out of the bedroom.

Is there anything better than a holiday love story? Yes - it’s a Parisian holiday love story! Made with sweet rose, juicy peach, tuberose, musk, patchouli, and warm amber, this charming Eau De Parfum is an elegant gift for your honey. This fragrance is bound to make the season smell oh-so-sexy!

The perfect gift for your bae to spice up the season with some sensual play. Whether you opt for Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon or Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla, you and your partner can warm each other up with this massage candle. The blend of shea butter, vitamins a & e, jojoba, olive and coconut oils melt to create an oil that leaves skin supple and hydrated - perfect for a steamy massage!

Give the gift of shimmering skin and some delicious bedroom fun, too! This gift set will leave her looking, smelling - and tasting - simply delicious! Includes a Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer, Shine Bright Shimmering Body Mist, and Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping, available in 3 delicious flavors: Strawberry Kiss, Sugared Apple, and Marshmallow Gold.

A gift for the two of you, this massage oil is a silky, warming, and kissable formula that glides on with zero stickiness, and leaves every touch feeling smoother, deeper, and more seductive. To heat things up just blow on the skin for an instantly warming sensation. Grab one (or two!) from any of our four kissably delicious flavors: Chocolate Bronze, Marshmallow Gold, Sugared Apple, and Strawberry Kiss.

Who needs mistletoe when you have this? Drizzle this mouthwatering kissable body topping anywhere you want to kiss or be kissed. This delicious and sensual massage gel comes in three yummy flavors - Sugared Apple, Marshmallow Gold, and Chocolate Honey - and is the ideal gift for a sensual and satisfying holiday season.

If you can’t choose just one gift for your babe, give the gift of absolutely anything with a Booty Parlor gift card. After gifting, hop online together and find the perfect present to spice things up together.

Gifts For Your BFF

Unleash your besties’ seductive superpowers with treats that will make them smell, feel and glow like a queen!

This Eau De Parfum is the signature scent your bestie has been searching for. This dreamy scent -- blended of rose, peach, musk and amber, is inspired by love stories - so, inspire her’s! She’ll wow the crowd at all the holiday parties with this new sophisticated and romantic scent.

This superpowered perfume oil is liquid magic. With an enticing fragrance of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar, and sandalwood - this scent is perfect on everyone. Plus, the added pheromones are going to give your bestie the power of a major confidence boost and the ability to attract anyone she wants. If you’re lucky, she might just share it with you - as long as you’re on her nice list!

Our firming bronzer is going to give your BFF beautifully glowing skin. This body tint and firming cream is sunkissed skin in a bottle! With it’s gorgeous shimmering and buildable color, she’ll be shining in her party dress!

Two words - Strawberry Kiss. This is the perfect gift for the best friend who loves to have FUN. Use it as a highlighter to create a beautiful shimmer - bonus, it’s totally kissable and tastes fantastic.

This shimmering body mist is the perfect combo of sparkly meets sweet. No matter what sparkling scent you grab - Strawberry Kiss, Marshmallow Gold, or Sugared Apple - you’re giving her the perfect gift for looking good and smelling great.

With four killer shades, Shiver, Sigh, Faint, and Throb, we have the perfect color for your bestie. We infused this plumping lip gloss with powerful aphrodisiacs, perfect for puckering up under the mistletoe!

Shameless Plug

Steal All The Stares

Turn up your sex appeal and boost your body confidence with this fabulous pheromone-infused trio.

Gifts For Yourself

Don’t forget the most important person on your list, you! This holiday season, create your own self-love ritual with luscious, pleasure-inducing goodies.

This perfume is bottled romance. Delicious notes of rose and peach are going to kickstart your love story while the added pheromones are going to draw everyone in. Wearing this fragrance is like dressing yourself in confidence - it’s that good. Bonus: this elegant bottle is going to look insanely beautiful in your perfume collection.

Gifting yourself this beautiful little perfume roller is gifting yourself magic! With fruity top notes, a floral heart, and an earthy base this perfume is nothing short of amazing. The added pheromones make this scent all your own while boosting your attraction and sensual desire. Ideal for on the go, this is the perfect accessory for this holiday season!

Formulated with three powerful, skin-tightening ingredients, our Firming Cream is a must-have to moisturize and firm your whole body on the daily. Simply rub this luxurious peach-mango and pheromone infused cream into all your luscious curves and you’ll be positively glowing into the new year!

Available in three luxurious scents - Sugared Apple, Strawberry Kiss, and Marshmallow Gold - this bubble bath fills the air with an aphrodisiac aura. Added glycerin smooths and hydrates the skin while pearlescent beads give you a beautiful glowing look. This shimmering bubble bath will leave you shining like the star on top of the tree.

Perfect for some solo play, this silky smooth lubricant is just what you need for a fun night in! Grab your fave toys and amplify your sexiest moments with this flavorless, ordorless, and perfectly slippy water-based lube! You’ll be in for a jolly good time!

All eyes on you! This shimmering body spray is going to make you the center of attention in the best way. Simply spray your favorite scent - Sugared Apple, Strawberry Kiss, or Marshmallow Gold - on your chest, arms and anywhere you’re showing skin, and watch the shimmer work it’s magic.

Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Bigger isn’t always better! For those moments when you need something small, sassy and sensual.

This plumping lipgloss is perfect for slipping in a stocking! Our advice? Go with shade Throb. This alluring red is perfect for any skin tone - whether on its own or paired with a lipstick of the receiver’s choice!

We snagged this little gem right off Santa's sleigh! This totally kissable body shimmer comes with a wonderfully soft puff to gently swirl the sparkle across anywhere you’d like to highlight. It’s the sweetest stocking stuffer for any of the lovelies in your life who enhance their look with a touch of Strawberry Kiss magic.

No need for chestnuts on an open fire if this is landing in your honey’s stocking! This gorgeous massage oil warms with the gentlest of breaths, slides smoothly across the skin, and isn’t sticky. Great for a date night in!

This 2-in-one bubble bath and shower gel is going to fit right into any and every stocking. With yummy scents that waft around the bathroom and a shimmer than clings to the skin, this isn’t just a bath product - it’s bottled holiday magic.

The ideal stocking stuffer for all the snow queens out there looking to up their sparkle! This amazing shimmering body mist is infused with honey extracts that soften the skin as it adds some serious shine. Available in three stunning flavors, Marshmallow Gold, Sugared Apple, and Strawberry Kiss, this the sparkle dreams are made of.

Everyone loves a good gift card! Every stocking needs one WOW level present and a gift card to Booty Parlor is just that. Allow your recipient to grab anything - and everything - off their wish list!

Not finding any inspo from this list? Just scroll our site - check out our killer gift sets and amazing best sellers. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list so you’re the first to know when all your faves go on sale. (Hint, hint!) Regardless of who you’re shopping for this holiday season, or what your budget is, we’ve got something for everyone!

What gifts are you giving this year?

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