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Meet Zoe

“Self-Love is all about self-acceptance. About owning who you are, imperfections and all.”  

Name: Zoe

Age: 30

Location: Miami

Relationship: Wife, mom, & CEO

With a mission to spread self-love and a philosophy that “every single body deserves to feel sexy and desired,” Zoe is a true Booty Parlor Babe.

As the CEO of Mint Brows in Miami, she works tirelessly to help women of all ages boost their self-confidence... and get brows on fleek.

Her mission comes with meaning, as she spent far too long struggling to accept herself. Now, she proudly shares her so-called imperfections on social media, inspiring others to embrace their stretch marks and cellulite, without photoshop.

From practicing gratitude and affirmations in the mirror, to setting positive examples of self-love for her children, Zoe is the embodiment of what a Self-Love Spotlight is all about.

In this video, Zoe shares her hot take on self-love, sensuality and her Booty Parlor must haves:

Q. What Does Self-Love Mean To You and How Do You Practice it?

Self love is just all about self-acceptance. There've been a lot of things that I didn't like about myself over the last decade or more of my life... It wasn't until I was truly able to accept the things that I knew that I couldn't change that I was able to start loving myself.

I know this sounds very cliche, but I stand in the mirror and say, I am beautiful. I am smart. It feels really awkward at first, but now it's just kind of like a part of my life.

I was not always a good example of self-love to my first baby... I had her when I was 18! I would say bad things about myself in front of her… so right now I'm kind of righting all my wrongs as far as she's concerned. She's starting to see now that I am truly happy with myself.

Q. How Do You Inspire Your Sensuality?

Before I started my self-love journey a year and a half ago, I was very shy in the bedroom…. since I've learned to accept myself, it's been like a whole new me.

Being more comfortable with myself and my own skin… it’s brought out a whole new side of me, the true side of me, the side that I've always wanted to be.

Even simple things like keeping the lights on or just the look that I give off... I think my husband can really see that I am a confident person now, and that's the biggest turn on for him, too.

Zoe's Faves

Sold out

Sold out

Q. Tell us about favorite Booty Parlor products and how you use them?

Bar none, it’s the Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer! It dries really quickly, which I love. It also leaves no streaks behind. It evens out my skin and I love it. I look like a bronze goddess. A grown, sexy woman!

I also love the Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss. It’s really juicy and light, and doesn’t catch my hair in it!

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