Letter from Dana: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Letter from Dana:

Our Commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dear Babe,

October is a month filled with autumn colors, but it also carries another hue close to our hearts: PINK. Each October, the world observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an occasion that is deeply meaningful to us here at Booty Parlor.
As someone who has personally been touched by the experience of my dear Nana Millie battling breast cancer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of education, early detection, and support for those going through this journey.
Here are five recommendations to prevent, detect and take good care of your breasts:
1. Education is Empowerment: Knowledge is power! Understanding your own body, as well as the signs of (and your risk factor for!) breast cancer can make all the difference.
2. Know the Signs: Not all lumps are cancerous, but if you feel something, see your healthcare provider for an examination as soon as possible!
3. Regular Screenings: Mammograms and self-exams are crucial for early detection.
4. Community Support: There's incredible strength in solidarity. Your support - of the women in your community or an organization that supports the cause - can provide both emotional and financial relief to those in need.
5. Healthy Lifestyle: Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management can play a role in cancer prevention.
Our Commitment
We believe in turning awareness into action. That's why, this month, Booty Parlor will donate $2 from every purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Your purchase isn't just a treat for yourself; it's a step towards making a difference.
To participate, simply shop as usual on our website. You don't need a special code. At the end of the month, we'll tally up the total donations and send them directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are aiming to achieve $10,000 in donations.
Your support has always been the backbone of Booty Parlor, and now we invite you to join us in supporting a cause that affects us all, directly or indirectly.
Let's wear our pink ribbons proudly and make October a month of awareness, support, and action.
With Love,
Dana B. Myers
Founder, Booty Parlor

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