Behind the Scenes of Unforgettable Amour

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Unforgettable Amour

All of us here at BP HQ are thrilled to share a behind the scenes look at the creation and inspiration behind our brand new eau de parfum, Unforgettable Amour.

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Our founder, Dana B. Myers, pours her love and passion into all of our Booty Parlor products, but this luxurious Eau De Parfum with Pheromones is special.

"As women, our bodies are always changing whether from stress, PMS, pregnancy, or menopause… the list goes on."

Inspired by her own love story, Dana has created a fragrance so romantic and charming that it’ll inspire you to experience the feeling of falling in love, completely, every single day.

Beautiful floral top notes of sweet rose and juicy peach are bursting with love. A heart of creamy tuberose and white musk combine to inspire carnal pleasure. Base notes of sensual patchouli and warm amber create a love bomb that’s just waiting to explode… Dana blended them all together to inspire love, passion, beauty, and sensuality!

Keep on reading for some of Dana’s quotes and inspiration surrounding Unforgettable Amour Eau De Parfum.

What does Unforgettable Amour mean to you?

“An Unforgettable Amour is a romantic love that wows you. Sweeps you away. Captivates you, holds you, excites you, thrills you! A love that makes you feel like anything is possible, and that everything will always be well and good and safe and warm in the world, no matter what challenges come your way…”  

“And this kind of unforgettable love story? Well, it starts with a love of yourself. A passionate, deep, rich, confident, sparkling, and immersive love of yourself. Because when you are lit up with love from within, everyone else will be drawn to your light…”

“Unforgettable Amour is between you and your partner and between you and yourself. It’s a never-ending, slow burn.”

How would you describe this fragrance?

“I actually wanted the fragrance to smell like the feeling of being in Paris and falling completely in love. So, naturally, I went to Paris to create it! That's the inspiration for the scent and also the name. The smell is the spark. It's very feminine. Very alluring. It's pretty and romantic and magical.”

“The scent is the adventure of a new romance and a deep-rooted and long-lasting love for yourself mixed into one. The added pheromones make this Eau De Parfum unique to everyone who wears it. Bringing out the best in you - your most confident and alluring self.”

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Why did you create this Eau De Parfum?

“Really I wanted to capture the feeling of falling in love, for the rest of your life and what that means to a woman. I drew inspiration from the moment I met Charlie, my husband… The first time I heard his voice, I knew he was the true love of my life. I knew we were meant to be together as if it were written in the stars. I saw our future flash in front of my eyes like a movie. All we would create together. All the adventures, pleasures, happiness, magic… even the obstacles we’d need to overcome. And it all came to be!”

“I know so many women are looking for that great love, and I wanted to create a fragrance that makes them smell amazing, feel completely desirable, and inspires them to go out and get that love that they truly want and deserve. We all deserve to have that experience of unforgettable love in our lives. It's a very human desire to crave deep love. I created Unforgettable Amour to help women find the same great love that I found with my husband.”

Who is this fragrance for?

“This fragrance is for the women who are looking for love and need a little inspiration getting there. It’s for the women who want to look in the mirror and love themselves as much as they could love another person… And it’s also for the women who want to keep the fire alive in their current relationship!”

“Unforgettable Amour is the perfume for the hopeful romantic. For the woman going on another first date, looking for that spark, knowing she’s going to eventually find it. But it’s also for the women who are in a relationship, the woman investing in her love, and wanting to enhance her allure and charm for her partner.”

“I made this fragrance for women who want to experience the scent of an unforgettable love all around them.”

Unforgettable Amour Eau De Parfum is Made in Paris, with love…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our founder’s thoughts and inspiration behind this irresistible and enchanting fragrance. Try it for yourself and start your own unforgettable love story… a love story that’ll never be forgotten!  

Click here to grab your bottle. Your own, personal, Parisian-style love story starts today! We’d love to hear from you. What body part do you criticize the most? And how did it feel to turn that negative body banter into a sexy self-love affirmation? Drop a comment below and share your self-love.

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