A Welcome From Our Founder, Dana B. Myers


A Welcome From Our Founder, Dana B. Myers  

Hey beauties! Whether you’re new here or have been with us since the beginning, I want to welcome you to the Booty Parlor community.

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We’re the beauty parlor for your love life.

"ALL women deserve to feel sexy, confident and satisfied, both inside and outside of the bedroom"

A place where EVERY body deserves to feel sexy.
Where sexy isn’t a shape, but an attitude.
Where self-love RULES.
And where women come together to play, feel beautiful, serve looks and celebrate every inch of themselves.


I’m Dana, and as the founder of Booty Parlor, I believe that ALL women deserve to feel sexy, confident and satisfied, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

This is my mission and passion, and I want you to know that our community of women is everything to me. I’m here to support you, cheer you on, deliver you the sexiest, most gorgeous goodies, watch with pride as you embrace you continue to level up your inner and outer beauty.

While I launched the brand in 2005, this journey started way before. As a kid, I loved watching my makeup artist mom create magical makeovers in the beauty parlor.

I embraced the concept that makeup and beauty rituals can help every woman feel beautiful and confident, inside and out.

As I grew up and navigated my way through sexual and romantic relationships, I discovered how pleasure boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered, sensual and sexy.

Sensual empowerment for women

Yet, with negative self-talk and self-confidence struggles affecting so many of the women I knew, I saw there needed to be a sensually-empowered voice for women. To answer their questions. To champion their unique sensuality. To give them permission to live their sexiest lives! I became that go-to girl for my friends for love, sex and beauty advice, and wanted to share that message with more and more women.

And so, I created Booty Parlor, a female-founded sexy beauty + lifestyle brand celebrating femininity, sensuality, and self-love.

Over the last 16 years, we’ve had a wild ride, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. All our wonderful memories, from working with Victoria’s Secret to the Wynn Hotel, driving a hot pink “Booty Mobile” around Hollywood to hosting female sexual empowerment workshops for celebrities, will keep me smiling forever.

Sharing fabulous products with our fantastic female community has been pretty great too. From our popular Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss to my number one favorite Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil with Pheromones, I’m proud to make products that truly inspire desire, enhance sensuality and boost female confidence every single day.

If you’re still reading this, here’s what I want you to think about:

I’m a loud and proud supporter of women everywhere. No matter where you’re from or what you’re doing, you deserve to glow from the inside out, with confidence and sensuality that helps you live your best life.

I believe confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.

And yet, I also know that confidence needs to be nurtured because we’re not just all “born with it.”

So many women struggle with blocks that prevent them from feeling their most confident, lit up and sensual. Blocks like:

  • Body Confidence Challenges
  • Comparing yourself to other women on social media
  • Feeling shame and guilt, or experiencing unhealed traumas
  • Skipping out on basic sexy self-care
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Communication challenges in your relationships

These blocks are real, I’ve experienced them myself and listened to thousands of other women’s experiences too. Yet, with Booty Parlor products, my books, and the information and inspiration we deliver here in our blogs, I seek to help you bust through them.



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Booty Parlor is here to help

Because everything we do at Booty Parlor is designed to unlock self-confidence, ignite your desire (for yourself and others!), and raise the roof on your satisfaction.

By having real and raw conversations about sex, love, mental health, and our bodies, we can strengthen our self-confidence as a team. From body rituals to orgasms, nothing is off the table in this safe space for discussions and personal growth.

Booty Parlor is all about feeling beautiful, sexy, and proud of yourself and everything you’ve done.

We are speaking openly and honestly about beauty, sensuality, and sexuality challenges, and how to work through these challenges to truly love yourself and boost your sensuality. You can watch some of these beautiful, raw conversations we’re having here in our Self-Love Spotlights with Zoe,Chanel  and Ashley.

By acknowledging and understanding your personal challenges, you can discover the keys to living your best life and feeling sexy and confident everywhere you go.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your unique sensuality and inner beauty with a community of women who have your back, welcome… you’re in the right place.

Get ready for eye-opening conversation, inspiring resources, and a true celebration of the beautiful women we are today…

Let’s do this ladies – you deserve all the love, pleasure and appreciation in the world!



Booty Parlor Founder

PS: Do you recognize yourself in any of the blocks I listed above? What do you do to combat them? Tell us in the comments below.



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