The Dos and Dont’s for a Healthy, Happy Vulva


The Dos and Dont’s for a Healthy, Happy Vulva

Six tips on how to care for your source of power!

Learn the essential dos and don'ts for keeping your vulva healthy.

Hey there, gorgeous! Let's get real for a sec—your vulva is basically the VIP of your body.

So why do we treat it like an afterthought? Trust us; it's high time to show your intimate zone some love.

Choosing the right products and behaviors isn't just good vulva hygiene—it's a self-love revolution. So seriously, drop the artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals; they're like the frenemies of your intimate zone, and embrace these 6 recommendations:

1. Do: Hydrate Intimate Skin with Natural Ingredients

Okay, let's spill some tea—your intimate skin craves hydration just like the rest of you. But listen up, not just any product will do. Opt for balms or moisturizers made with natural ingredients like Jojoba, Sunflower, or Coconut Oil. These gems are gentle on your intimate skin and keep everything feeling soft, supple, and oh-so-touchable.

2. Don't: Leaving on Your Wet Bathing Suits

Listen, we all love that beachy, sun-kissed look, but a wet bathing suit is a no-go for your intimate zone. Rachel Alexander, APRN, a nurse practitioner in Norton eCare, affirms that “your vagina has a natural balance of yeast and bacteria. When that balance is disrupted, you get an overgrowth of a type of fungus called candida, which can lead to an infection. Warm, dark, moist conditions — like a wet bathing suit or jogging pants — are where this overgrowth thrives.” Get into something dry ASAP. Trust us; your vulva will thank you.

3. Do: Embrace Your Feminine Power Through Intimate Health

Your vulva isn't just a part of your body; it's a symbol of your innate feminine power. When your "V" is thriving, so are you—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Celebrate this powerful connection. Like Dana B. Myers, proud founder of Booty Parlor, says: "There’s nothing sexier or more empowering than honoring your own pussy. This is the source of your power, your own feminine magic. It's about connecting, honoring and falling in love with your most intimate self, leaving you feeling utterly confident, sensual, liberated and sexy!".

4. Don't: Use Harsh Chemicals

From detergents to douches, if it's packed with chemicals, keep it away from your VIP area. Harsh chemicals are like that guy who talks too much at the party—annoying and disruptive.

5. Do: Use Mild, Unscented Soap

First things first—say goodbye to those over-perfumed soaps that promise the scent of a tropical paradise. Artificially scented soaps are basically Trojan horses of discomfort and infection. Stick with the real deal—mild and fragrance-free. It won't mess with your vulva's natural groove, and that's a win-win, babe.

6. Don't: Use Hot Water for Cleansing

We know, a hot shower feels like a hug for your soul, but when it comes to your vulva, cooler is kinder. Hot water can strip away natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. So, turn down the heat and give your intimate zone the chill vibe it deserves.

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