From our Founder: 9 Quotes on Self-Love & Sensual Confidence

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From our Founder: 9 Quotes on Self-Love & Sensual Confidence

To inspire your sexiest, most confident life

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Hey beauties, it’s Dana here. As the co-founder of Booty Parlor, I’ve spent the last 16 years talking to women about beauty, sensuality, body confidence, relationships and sex appeal.

"it’s always been my mission and passion to inspire that woman to become the sexiest, most fabulous and vibrant version of herself "

About how they feel about themselves, their bodies, and their right to pleasure.

I’ve led hundreds of workshops where real women have shared their deepest truths, and have hosted the wildest shopping parties for A-list celebrities. (And guess what? They have the same hopes, doubts and dreams that we all do when it comes to intimate lives and relationships!)

Yet, no matter who I’m talking to, it’s always been my mission and passion to inspire that woman to become the sexiest, most fabulous and vibrant version of herself -- with full-throttle confidence, self-love and an active pursuit of the satisfaction she deserves.

Because I know that when a woman feels this way about herself, all of her life’s other endeavors will benefit - her love relationships, work success, friendships, everything.

So today, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite quotes and lessons I’ve from over the years to inspire YOU to live your sexiest, most confident life.

1. “Twenty pounds up, or ten pounds down, it’s in your power to rewrite the conversation you have with yourself, about yourself.”

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Sex appeal is all about you feel about yourself, how you love yourself. That’s why I often say, sexy isn't a shape, it's an attitude.

It’s time to embrace your body as a beautiful, remarkable, sensual miracle, deserving of your own adoration and positive attention. Stop putting yourself down if you’re up a few, or up a lot. If you can’t fit in your jeans or if you spill out over your bra.

Instead, take care of yourself. Explore all the pleasures life has to offer, and shower yourself with the love and affirmation you both crave and deserve. Stand in the mirror and tell yourself exactly how gorgeous, capable and sexy AF you are. Tell yourself how much you respect yourself.

The truth is that your body is begging for your love, and craving your positive attention. So give it up to yourself, bb. With a bit of practice, you’ll start to feel more empowered, gorgeous and sensual in your own skin.

Another little secret of mine? When I do my self-love affirmations in the mirror, I caress my body with our Firming Cream with Pheromones.  The peach-mango scent transports me to a place of inner flirtation and luxury, and gives me inspiration to love my belly, thighs and buns with more authenticity.

2. “Sisterhood is everything. Make sure every woman in your circle feels celebrated for the sexy, playful, powerful and unique woman that she is.”

I’ve noticed in my workshops that many women will confess that the time spent with their friends has been reduced to surface-level chitchat. They long for deeper conversations and shared experiences beyond the occasional birthday party, baby shower, or bachelorette party.

You can support your squad by creating opportunities for juicy, authentic, quality time together. Stage a special dinner with candles and music. Even pick a theme for everyone to dress up in. At the table, let each friend know why she is special to you and what she means to you. Then, share why you think she’s so authentically sexy and powerful. Go around the table until everyone feels celebrated for the sensual, unique woman she is. Nights like these are the best way to level up your friendships.

3. “Pleasure is your superpower.”

Did you know that pleasure is your superpower? Sensual pleasures release your body’s natural endorphins, ushering in a feeling of euphoria. And while I’m talking about sensual pleasures like food, dancing, beauty rituals and music -- I’m also talking about orgasms, too.

So don’t cheat yourself of all the pleasures. Make time each day to indulge in pleasure: savor the froth on your latte, press your lips together and feel the memory of an amazing kiss, or spend some solo time in bed to have a big O.

Pleasure, in all its forms, is healthy. The point is to connect with yourself through pleasure… and don’t wait for it to come to you. You can create these moments for yourself every single day.

To actively invite pleasure on your lips? Try on Kissaholic Lip Gloss and let your senses be lit up by the pleasurable, cushiony shine and scents.

4. “Fun is the gateway drug to happiness.”

The most important question I ask myself every day is this: How can I have more fun in what I’m doing right now? In my work? My marriage? With my friends? In my experience of motherhood? Life is SHORT, and so why not have the most fun possible?

No matter how stressful or challenging life can be, I’m committed to finding more bliss and magic in every moment. I’m committed to choose FUN, whenever possible. To choose PLEASURE over obligation. To choose SILLINESS over boredom and irritation.

To me, this “I choose” attitude leads me to feel sexy and alive, lit up and turned on, even when there’s chaos and challenge in my life. And I invite you to try this attitude, and to feel this way, too. How can you choose to have more fun today?

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5. “You’re just one dance away from feeling happier, sexier and more passionate about yourself.”

There’s a very simple tool that’s always available for you to shake off the stress, infuse your soul with radical energy, and confidently reconnect you to your sexy self. It’s DANCE, and it’s the perfect antidote to balance the highs and lows of life while unapologetically accepting and embracing your body as the sexiest on the planet.

On any given day, you’ll find me dancing. I take dance breaks while I’m at the office. I dance to unwind my body before I make love. I dance while I’m getting ready to go out. Commit to dancing a little bit each day and I promise you’ll feel happier, sexier and more alive in your body.

6. “Self-care is not selfish. It’s an important act of self-love.”

After I had our first baby, my mother said to me: "Everything—and everyone else’s needs—will fall into place when you feel filled up, rested, and have given yourself some quality attention.”

Her words made a major impact on me. And even though I’m super-committed to taking care of my family, I’m even more committed to taking care of myself. Because I know that the only way I can give to others fully, and with joy, is from a place where my cup is overflowing. And while it ain’t always easy, this requires me to practice serious self-care on the daily.

Whether you have kids or not, I’m sure you can relate to having a lot of demands on your time and energy. So commit to self-care, each and every day. Ask yourself, what self-care practices make me feel amazing? Sensual? Rested? Inspired? Jot down a list and do at least one of those practices each and every day.

7. “Your wants, desires, and goals are worthy. So do what you wanna do!”

As women, we’re conditioned to fit into what our parents or culture want for us. We’re often taught to be pretty and pleasing, and even to be small to make room for others to be big. We’re taught that our worth comes from what others think of us. I say this all stops here and now.

We must give ourselves permission to pursue our biggest goals as our most authentic selves. To do what we truly desire. To have wild dreams and go for them, full speed ahead.  

As you build your dreams, step by step, I invite you to give yourself the validation and encouragement you crave -- instead of seeking it from others. Stand in the mirror and congratulate yourself for every step you take, every mistake you make (they’re ALL lessons!) and every move you make that gets you closer to your dream. If you want more actionable steps to pursue your dreams, check out Tool No. 27 in my book The Mommy Mojo Makeover.

8. “Feed your mind daily with sensual stimulation, and you’ll nourish yourself and your libido!”

My motto for feeling turned on, day in and day out, is this: Don’t wait, create. 

What I mean by that is... don’t wait for someone else to turn you on or ignite your sensual energy. Fuel yourself every single day with “sensual inputs” to light up your mind and body, fan your inner flame and help you exude the confident sex appeal that’s yours to claim.

How to do this? Just start noticing the seductive elements you encounter within your daily routine, and allow your mind to wander into a sensual fantasy. See a cutie on the train on your way to work? Let yourself drift into a fantasy about them. Looking at lingerie online? Imagine yourself rocking the set in front of your favorite lover. The opportunities to nourish yourself with sexy thoughts are endless… you just gotta pay attention.

9. “Relax. Receive. Release. It’s your turn.”

As women, it's in our nature to make sure everyone else is taken care of first. And for many women, this mindset carries over in the bedroom, too. It's time to re-think this.

You deserve to be worshipped, adored. You deserve all the pleasure that’s possible in the bedroom. And you have permission to ask for, and receive, the exact kind of sensual experience you desire.  

But to get there, you might need to explore your resistance to receive pleasure. And you may need to build up the courage to express yourself in this area, too. Helping women with this is one of my greatest pleasures in life!

And so, I invite you to stay with me on this ride as we all become more sensually empowered, together. Check out our other blogs, surf our social for more inspiration, and stick around for upcoming virtual girls’ nights where we talk about all this and more.

These are just a few of my favorite quotes from my books, workshops and personal life. And I’d love to hear from you too. Which one of these quotes inspired you the most? Drop your thoughts below.



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